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Starting Out with Alpaca

Important and helpful tips for those starting out

We have been extremely fortunate. Our entry into alpacas was made easier by all of the kind and helpful people we have met in the alpaca world. Wonderful people who freely shared their knowledge and alpaca expertise. Now we have a chance to return this generosity.

Handle as many alpacas as you can. Get a feel for evaluating fibre.

This web page contains information to help newcomers to alpacas. We have listed some important and helpful ideas and tips for those just starting out on their alpaca journey.

There are many reasons for owning alpacas, each can influence the way in which you make your decisions about budgeting or business planning:

  • Need for a lifestyle change
  • Building a new business
  • Retirement Income
  • Diversifying from other livestock
  • Need for fleece for spinning
  • Raising breeding stock
  • Tax Benefits
  • Or, maybe you just find them cute

Important things to begin with

  • Join the Australian Alpaca Association. They offer loads of free information, including an information kit, magazines and access to the members section of the AAA website. Your membership will entitle you to participate in activities of your regional association group and meet other breeders.
    Phone: 03 9873 7700. Web: www.alpaca.asn.au
  • Visit as many farms as you can. Ask if you can help and get involved in their alpaca activities and maintenance
  • Handle as many alpacas as you can. Get a feel for evaluating fibre
  • Do your research. There is a wealth of information on the internet. Many good sites are listed in our resources & links page where you will find stacks of information
  • Read as much as you can. (See some recommended books below)
  • Participate in workshops and seminars. Our regular workshop weekends draw participants from all over Australia and New Zealand
  • Visit alpaca shows and events. Talk with breeders. Most of them are keen to discuss their alpacas and answer questions. After a show event, ask if you can get into a pen and look at the show winners. Most breeders are quite obliging and keen to show off their successes. You will soon learn to appreciate the finer points of superior animals

Downloadable Documents

Further reading and documents provided by the Australian Alpaca Association.

Planning to succeed

Handle as many alpacas as you can. Get a feel for evaluating fibre.

Investing in alpacas can often require a significant financial commitment. You will be well advised to protect your investment by developing some plans. Every experienced business person knows you will never be sorry you invested your time and efforts to establish an effective plan. Whether you are thinking of starting a breeding business, looking for an investment, or you just want some alpacas in your pasture for fun and pleasure, you should start with a simple outline of where you are, where you would like to be, and when you will get there. Once you determine what you want, develop steps and goals and strategies to keep yourself moving forward. And commit it to paper.

Consider the following options for breeding alpacas:

  • as a business (part or full time)
  • as a hobby (maybe including training and showing)
  • as companion animals (just for pleasure)
  • as a fibre producer
  • as an investment where your animals are "boarded out" with an experienced breeder (known as agistment)

Whichever way you go, it will be valuable to have a plan. We have a five year Farm Plan (for development and improvements to our farm), a Business Plan and a Breeding Plan.

We also offer help with our Farm Planning Service.

You are welcome to contact us to chat about your plans and use us as a sounding board, as many others have. We gain a great deal of satisfaction from seeing others make a successful start into the wonderful world of alpacas.

Recommended books

  • "ABC For Alpaca Owners" - E. McMillan & C. Jinks
  • "Alpaca Breeders handbook" - E. McMillan & C. Jinks
  • "Synthesis of a Miracle" - Mike Safley
  • "The Complete Alpaca Book" - Eric Hoffman
  • "The Camelid Companion" - Marty McGee Bennett
  • "Medicine & Surgery of South American Camelids" - Murray Fowler
  • "The Alpaca Book" - Eric Hoffman & Murray Fowler

Most of these books can be borrowed or purchased from the AAA library.

Contact us for help.

We are pleased to help in any way we can. Phone Jeffry on 0419 549 666.

Gallery of Flowerdale Estate Alpaca images
BUYING ALPACAS - from the Flowerdale Alpacas herd and our Grand Flowerdale herd WORKSHOPS - Introduction to Alpaca STUD MALES - available for joining NEW ALPACA BREEDERS - budgeting and planning


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For 10 years we have been breeding greys. Now our grey females are about to drop this year's crop. Very exciting.

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