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Articles sourced from writers from all over the world

Please use and enjoy this information on the wonderful alpaca. You are welcome to print any of the articles for your own use. (You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the pdf files). Please note that the content is owned by the writer and should not be published in any form without the permission of the writer.

These articles are sourced from highly qualified writers from all over the world. Information is growing all of the time and we encourage you to visit here often. The reader needs to take into account that some articles may refer to conditions that are specific to the writer's country and may not be as relevant in Australia.

1: Health & Husbandry
    Rye Grass Staggers HTML PDF (33 kb)
    Heat stress in Alpacas HTML PDF (33 kb)
    Body Condition HTML PDF (178 kb)
    Nutrition HTML PDF (173 kb)
    Herd Health & Management HTML PDF (111 kb)
    Weaning HTML PDF (88 kb)
    Stress HTML PDF (99 kb)
    Avoiding Injection Pitfalls HTML PDF (99 kb)
    Worms in Alpacas HTML PDF (99 kb)
    Phosphorus, Calcium & Vitamin D HTML PDF (37 kb)
2: Reproduction
    Reproduction HTML PDF (238 kb)
    Birthing HTML PDF (177 kb)
    Improving Efficiency HTML PDF (157 kb)
    Problems with mother's milk HTML PDF (41 kb)
    Cesarean Section in Llamas and Alpacas HTML PDF (28 kb)
    Uterine Torsions HTML PDF (28 kb)
    Practical Advice For Achieving Pregnancies HTML PDF (120 kb)
3: Genetics
    Genetic Gain HTML PDF (65 kb)
    Does size really matter? HTML PDF (30 kb)
    Are you Afraid of Inbreeding? HTML PDF (74 kb)
4: Herd Protectors
5: Handling
    Basics of Behaviour HTML PDF (65 kb)
    Baby Personality Types HTML PDF (149 kb)
    Solving behaviour problems HTML PDF (108 kb)
    Tackling Toenails HTML PDF (130 kb)
    Heads & Halters HTML PDF (61 kb)
    Behavioural Cues HTML PDF (166 kb)
    Handling Cria at an Early Age HTML PDF (87 kb)
6: Industry Future
    Future Market HTML PDF (125 kb)
    In search of a Sea Change HTML PDF (51kb)
    Evolving the Australian Alpaca HTML PDF (44kb)
7: Fleece
    Unusual Colour Patterns HTML PDF (135 kb)
    Fibre testing HTML PDF (35 kb)
    Quality/Processing Performance HTML PDF (305 kb)
    The Case for Crimp HTML PDF (163 kb)
    No alpaca should have two coats HTML PDF (31 kb)
    Delivering 'New Generation' Fibres HTML PDF (33 kb)
8: Financial
    Taxation Considerations HTML PDF (135 kb)
    Depreciation for Primary Producers HTML PDF (33 kb)
9: Shows
    Showing and Judging HTML PDF (39 kb)
10: Pasture Improvement
    Getting most out of your pasture HTML PDF (33 kb)
    The full scoop on Paca Poop HTML PDF (26 kb)
    Green pasture in summer HTML PDF (26 kb)
    Successful Pasture Management HTML PDF (26 kb)
11: Nutrition
    The malady lingers on HTML PDF (32 kb)
    Feeding, as much an art as a science HTML PDF (40 kb)
12: Breeding
    When to own a stud male HTML PDF (32 kb)
    Breeding - Ideal Alpacas HTML PDF (38 kb)
    Choosing the Right Sire HTML PDF (245 kb)
    Planned Breeding HTML PDF (145 kb)
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Gorgeous female. HIghly attractive. From Prize winning blood lines. Please help me find her. Substantial reward.

For 10 years we have been breeding greys. Now our grey females are about to drop this year's crop. Very exciting.

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