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Flowerdale Alpaca Fashion Shop

You're welcome to visit our fashion shop on the farm. See all the wonderful garments made from our premium quality Australian Alpaca Fleece. Some 100% Australian Alpaca and some in a blend with super-fine Australian Merino wool. We have throw rugs, beanies, men's and ladies jumpers, vests, scarves, wraps, knitting wool and pattern books. All at very competitive prices.

The Alpaca fleece is silky soft, like cashmere

Here are some of the luxurious properties that make alpaca garments so popular.

  • Lightweight, stronger and warmer than wool
  • Breathes
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Extremely durable, resistant to tearing, pilling staining, moisture, static and aging
  • 22 natural colors
  • Anti-flammable
    A Special Warmth

    Alpaca fleece has special thermal properties resulting from the hollow core within each follicle and the lack of natural oils in the alpaca's coat. Alpaca garments are lightweight. They breathe and keep you comfortably warm.

    A Special Strength

    Alpaca fleece contains a natural resin which protects the wool from aging and getting dirty. This natural resin provides a built-in resistance to water, pilling, wrinkling, and staining.

    A Special Softness

    The smooth surface of each follicle eliminates the "prickle effect" associated with coarser fibers and contributes to the exquisite luster and luxury of alpaca fleece. Alpaca garments are silky soft, like cashmere.

Product Range

Following is a selction of images displaying the range of Designer Wraps, Throw Rugs, Polo Jumpers for men and women, ladies and men's socks, Australian Alpaca Designer Wraps, fashion Coats and Jumpers... and more... all available from the Flowerdale Alpaca Shop.

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Call us to visit our farm shop by appointment. Phone Carol on 0419 549 666.